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Computerkunst annuals, Museum der Stadt, Gladbeck Germany. 
This page presents Roman Verostko's participation in the computer art shows at Gladbeck where the annual Golden Plotter awards are presented. These juried showings provided a forum for exhibiting fine art objects at a time when other "computer art" venues abandoned "hang it on the wall art objects" in favor of virtual art and/or  strictly "plugged in" art. Aside from SIGGRAPH,  the Digital Salon in New York, and occasional specialized shows the venues for showing "hang it on the wall" algorithmic art became more and more restrictive. 

Through the guidance of Dr. Wolfgang Schneider of the Museum der Stadt Gladbeck this venue provided encouragement for many artists whose work may not otherwise have been seen. The Computerkunst catalogues provide one more important document to the period during which new art forms and technologies were being pioneered by artists internationally.

For information on this series contact Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, Museum der Stadt Gladbeck, Gladbeck, Germany.

The Diamond Lake Apocalypse (30" by 22", 1992)
One of two pen plotted drawings shown in the 1994 Computerkunst, the year RV was awarded the Golden Plotter.

Click here for statement submitted with this work.

The Golden Plotter Award, bronze. 
Received at Gladbeck, Germany, 1993.

The bronze form of a flat bed pen-plotter was chosen for this award because pen plotters were the first classic technology employed for generating graphic form. The classic pen plotter was broadly replaced with ink jet technology by the turn of the century and manufacturing of the classic HP and HI Plotters was  terminated by 1995. Roman, along with a few colleagues like JP Hebert continue to use pen plotters. 

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