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Verostko at ISEA Symposia

Roman participated and promoted  the ISEA symposia series from its beginning in Utrecht in 1988. There, on a panel with Peter Beyls and Harold Cohen he identified the biological analogues to algorithmic form-generators; his  paper, Epigenetic Painting: Software as Genotype , was published later in Leonardo.

His work with ISEA included service as a member of the board  (1991-97) and Director of ISEA 93 known also as FISEA, Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art .  His introduction to  FISEA publications presented the rationale and background for the theme of the Minneapolis Symposium, "The Art Factor".  For a text of the introduction see his publications links  below.

Roman's ISEA participation includes the following:

Art Shows 

 SISEA '92: Sidney
 FISEA '93: Minneapolis
 ISEA '97: Chicago
 ISEA '98: Manchester

Paper / Publication / Panel

ISEA '88: "Epigenetic Painting: Software as Genotype" 
FISEA '93: Papers Introduction / Rationale
ISEA '94: Algorithms and the Artist

Keynote Speaker

ISEA 2011, Istanbul.  Sabancı Center, Istanbul, Turkey. (Sept 15, 2011)


SISEA, Sydney 1992

Five examples from the limited edition of  George Boole's "Derivation.." were shown. This allowed the display of several frontispieces to show the procedure that Roger Malina labeled "post mechanical reproduction". Each book had a unique software generated form that was individually pen plotted.


Frontispiece (73 KB), Derivation of the Laws, 1990, 20" by 6". 
Shown at SISEA. Now in Private Collection.©

Endpiece (51 KB), Derivation of the Laws, 1990, 20" by 6" ©
One of several shown at SISEA.'92, Sydney.

Five end-pieces from a family of 125 plotted for the Boole edition.
These were unused examples showing endpieces before tearing and tipping into the edition.

Click Larger Image 53KB
Gaia Series, 1992, 36" by 24" (53KB) ©
Click here for detail upper section (96 KB)
Click here for detail, lower section (106 KB)

Gold leaf by hand.


lnz2w.jpg  (full view)
lnz2-init-w.jpg  (detail, lower left gold leaf work)
lnz2-det-w.jpg (detail, central portion)

EZEKIEL SERIES, Vision 2, 44" by 30", 1993.  Algorithmic pen and brush plot on Stonehenge. Artist’s software. HI multi-pen plotter and PC. 

lnz3w.jpg  (full view)
lnz2-det-w.jpg (detail, central portion)

EZEKIEL SERIES, Vision 3, 44" by 30", 1993. Algorithmic pen and brush plot on Stonehenge. Artist’s software. HI multi-pen plotter and PC.  

Click Larger Image 37KB
Lung Shan II, 1990, 72" by 24" (37 KB). ©
Click here for detail, left section ( 84 KB).

Lung Shan II, Pathway  Series, 72" by 24". This work, shown also in the Dallas SIGGRAPH in 1990,  was one of two six foot pen plots with brush strokes made that year.  

ISEA '94, Helsinki.

Click Larger Image 42KB
Diamond Lake Apocalypse, 1993, 22" by 30" (73 KB) ©RV

Private Collection. Four folio  items from the Diamond Lake Apocalypse were shown in Helsinki. This example is now in a private collection.  

ISEA '97, Chicago.

An exhibition of work by ISEA participants was presented at the Ukrainian Museum during the ISEA '97 symposium. Verostko's pieces included the following:


Click Larger Image 39KB
Ezekiel Series, 1996, 30" by 44" (39 KB) ©

Ezekiel Series, The Vision, 1996. 30" by 44". Pen plooted drawing on Stonehenge. Gold leaf by hand. This was also shown at Loughborough's Creativity and Cognition  (UK, 1996) and in the traveling SIGGRAPH show (1997-2000).

Click Larger Image 53KB
Pathway Series, 1996, 30" by 44" (53 KB) ©
The software routine, an "all-over" scribble, dates from 1987.

Click Larger Image 53KB
Illuminated Universal Turing Machine, 1995, 44" by 30" (53 KB) ©

Illuminated Universal Turing Machine. This version of an illuminated UTM was first shown at SIGGRAPH in 1995. Verostko's interest in UTM's includes a web mounted version of a UTM as a self portrait of the machine with which it is viewed:

ISEA '98, Manchester

Roman's special series,  The Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine celebrates the historic contributions of Alan Turing related to Manchester.  Fourteen of the original pen plots from the series were shown at the Manchester portion of the ISEA 98 symposium (Metropolitan University).

Detail of the UTM algorithm. Click here for detailed pictures and information.

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